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19th-Dec-2008 04:14 pm - cabin fever
vivi pin-up
long time no update fo real...
it's funny because, i have more than enough time to do so,
i just haven't felt like it lol.

laziness level during school: |||||||||||
laziness level during break: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (infinity)

haha anyway, so i'm pretty much buried alive within my house.
getting anywhere in this snowy/icy mess is such a hassle!
and it also means no one else can get to me either...
so i'm left with like zero human contact -_-
the only contact with life i have is my cats, my mom (doesn't count),
and zelda (ok so he doesn't count either...lol). damnit!!

sooo i'm basically just stuck on the net looking at cute
shiz to waste money on (instead of spending it on others'
xmas gifts like i should!).

so let's look at some cute coordinates i've found shall we :D

from jelly, scawaii, and egg. all jan 09Collapse )

cute cute cute! :D
hopefully this helped someone else's cabin fever, as much as it did mine~

on another note, lately there are soooo many great movies
out that i wanna see! which is weird cause i'm not much of
a movie-goer.

i wanna see frost/nixon, milk, doubt, and the benjamin one
with brad pitt (when it comes out). movies yaaayy :D
8th-Aug-2008 04:14 pm - yo
vivi pin-up
pee pee!
18th-Mar-2008 11:35 pm - only god can judge me
vivi pin-up
i know i've posted about a lot of crazy nights,
but this one pretty much takes the cake.

two words:

host dorm

good morning tokyoCollapse )

need i say more?

edit: i bought pink hot pants the other day-

in other news, if it wasn't obvious enough...

i think i'm in love with something much worse than a stripper.
someone please just shoot me now.

6th-Aug-2007 10:37 am - locked !
vivi pin-up

friends only!
comment mmk?
:D hollaa

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